Montesa Cota 348 1978 great useable classic

OldMotoDude 1976 Montesa Cota 348 sold for 2,750 at the 2019 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

i think on the 348 the steering head angle was 27 degrees, i had a 247 in 72,but i remember test riding the 348 when it came out a few years later.a vintage bike is a vintage bike in that back in the day the spanish spent alot of time with their pro riders like they do now and they are what they far as trying to make it handle like a ty,g.

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Montesa Cota 348 1978 great useable classic

Hello, New to the site and my fairly recently acquired 1976 Montesa cota 348 MRR. I am having problems selecting the gears. With the bike running and moving, going through the gearbox sequence from 1st to 6th gear is quite difficult with a very stiff selector lever, gears not engaging correctly and quite a few neutrals in between.

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1976 Montessa Cota 348 for sale at auction at Las Vegas Motorcycles 2019 as S332.

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66 posts Posted February 11, 2009 I just recently picked up a Montesa Cota 348 and I am in the process of replacing some parts to make the bike tight and functional again. Alas, it show it's age and use, despite being well maintained by it's previous owners.

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The Cota 348 is far from being an easy one. To get that casing separated on many other bikes is straightforward. The primary drive components are removed, the shifting components are removed, the gearbox output sprocket is removed, the ignition flywheel is removed, the shift drum indexing plunger is removed.

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It sure looks like a 348 frame to me. It was a very distinctive series of frames with the removable pieces that go from the swingarm pivot to the cylinder head. All the 348s and the first two 349s had those struts like that. Yours has had extra plates fitted for the footpeg relocation but otherwise looks standard for a Cota 348.

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All thought and opinion gratefully received, but no negative comments on the 348 please, I know it's limitations with weight, turning circle, headstock frame weakness etc,etc.But I had so much fun riding one all those years ago. Also it only selects 1st and 2nd at present, after the previous owner did some home maintenance.

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Bultaco 1976 montesa cota 348 rathmell edition vintage trials ahrma. $1,500 . Woodacre, California. Year - Make Bultaco. Model - Category - Engine - Posted Over 1 Month. Nice 1976 Montesa Cota 348 Vintage Trials motorcycle. Good cosmetic condition. starts and runs, but needs carb cleaned in order to hold a low speed idle.

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1978 Montesa COTA 348 TRAIL - For Sale. £1,800. For sale montesa cota 348 trail IN MINT CONDITION, **FIRST PAINT** very well preserved. New rear shocks. Seat is in perfect condition. Perfect bike for collectors or those who want to ride trails comfortably with a light bike but also powerfull as has 350cc engine. Matching numbers.

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Bike Registration. 1. Foggy S Edition Spitfire CCM Spitfire Six Foggy Edition Spitfire RAF Benevolent Fund Spitfire GP450 Adventure Spitfire Scrambler Spitfire Flat Tracker Spitfire Café Racer Spitfire Bobber Spitfire Stealth Six Stealth Foggy Stealth Bobber Blackout Maverick Heritage '71. CCM Motorcycles is a British motorcycle manufacturer.

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Based on the revolutionary Cota, the Montesa 348 Trail was designed as a street-legal alternative that would allow you to travel nearly anywhere, albeit slowly. With street legal lighting, an actual seat with room for a passenger,…

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Montesa developed a prototype of the Cota 348 to compete in the 1975 Scottish Six Days Trial, and Malcolm Rathmell rode it to a second place finish. Rathmell was an accomplished trials rider who won the World Championship in 1974 and the British Trials Championship 6 times in a 10 year period, and the 348 was developed with him as a consultant.

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Lot 385 - 1977 Montesa Cota 348 Rathmell Replica. Montesa was formed in 1944 by Pedro Permanyer and Francisco Xavier "Paco" Bultó. As Chief Engineer, Bultó was responsible for the design and development of their road going 125cc two-stroke single which, from its debut in 1950, was adapted to take part in the 1951 International Six Days Trial.